Castles of Abruzzo

Castles of Abruzzo

Castles of Abruzzo,  discovering fortresses, manors, towers, and fortified villages. for century Abruzzo as played an essential role as a historical and geographical connection between Europe and Mediterranean, in fact, this regions is central in the peninsula, is located near Rome and is a corridor for reaching the regions in the center and south Italy.

Lonely sentinels on the peaks of the mountains and guardians of the sea against pirates, watchtowers that protect the valleys and defenders of fortified abbeys. A fantastic journey, among towers and castles. Some are museums, others have been rebuilt and others are just ruins, with an evocative and romantic atmosphere.

In any case, however, they allow us to admire a splendid piece of history, they are perfectly integrated into the landscape.

One of the most important castles is Rocca Calascio, in fact, some films were set in this amazing place, like Ladyhawke (with Roger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer) and The Name of the Rose (with Sean Connery).

Abruzzo, a magic place to visit.

Thanks to its equilibrium of a landscape dominated by Nature, the amazing villages, and more, make this region special!

Nature is a protected resource, just visit the national park of Abruzzo, with a surface of 50.000 hectares.

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Castles of Abruzzo

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