Abruzzo Castles


Abruzzo was inhabited for at least 300,000 years, since prehistoric times, human beings were attracted in this region for its environmental resources! from its peaks, watercourses, great forest, narrow valleys, mountains to lakes.

All these elements favored permanent human settlement in Abruzzo, who built several defensive fortifications, dating back to Italic times.

These castles represent one of the most fascinating cultural attraction of this territory, offering several itineraries and paths with an outstanding landscape!

These amazing castles constitute a real open-air museum of military architecture, their shape and typologies are different but all have the same aim, the defense.

From the basic and archaic isolated watchtowers to the recent fortresses ( 1700-1800) with fortiefied and urbans towers, castles of several shapes, fortified hamlets, defence walls, citadels convents etc.

In this region, you will find real jewels, from the Ortuccio coastal citadel with its fortified dockyard to Polegra with its triangular towers, but not only, San Pio delle Camere and Roccacasale, with their rare mid-slope mountain position, and their triangular plan.

A special visit to one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, Rocca calascio. This castle is unique, thanks to its shape and position (nestled on the summit of a mountain where you will enchating by the oustanding panorama.

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